Friday, August 21, 2009


Racks was the "IT" restaurant back in college. This is where the sosyal people eat. I wasn't one of them, I think I was able to eat here once or twice back then..After that, lots of new restaurants started to come out and Racks slowly faded from the limelight. Now I think it's making a comeback with some newly built stores, one in SM North EDSA...

After a very tiresome afternoon...

Onion Brick (P140)
Sis wanted some onion rings but they were out of it so the waitress suggested this. It was supposed to be an appetizer but came in last so we were kind of full when it came.
I am not really a fan of Racks but when I saw this new store I know I would wanna give it a try. I didn't like it the first time,when peanutbutter and I ate here for lunch but I give second chances... So I told sis, this is where we're having lunch last wednesday.

Racks Baby Ribs, half slab (P300)
Served with Racks baked beans, corn bread, sweet country relish and your choice of one side dish.
Those ribs won't be complete without Racks original barbecue sauce...yumm!

Gravy Fries
We chose this as a side dish because Ykaie loves fries...

Carbonara (P148)
I was craving for some oh-so-creamy sauce and this hit the spot!
an entry for. Happy Weekend everyone!
2nd Level
SM City North EDSA
North Ave. cor. EDSA
Quezon, Metro Manila


Unknown said...

i'm not a big fan of Racks either. but i had lunch at their El Pueblo branch more than 2 weeks ago. we were hungry at tamad na maghanap ng di puno na resto.:P

Willa said...

oo nga noh' parang hindi sila masyado nagtagal, kasi pricey ng food nila before saka di pa gimikero nga tao masyado.Wala pa yung mga Call center people. Parang once or twice lang din yata ako naka kain diyan.

Ladynred said...

I don't know about that Resto but everything here looks good and yummy!

Lynn said...

They're quite expensive considering the serving is not much compared to, say, Tender Bob's. But just like you, I give second chances. Haha. I'll try Racks again since there's one already near our place.

Clarissa said...

Aws talaga?Eh di pala bagay ang lola mo dyan lol!Cowboy kami eh!!\(^0^)/parang masarap yung carbonara nila,creamy ang dating!!

Happy Food Trip friday,Peach!!Give Ykaie a hug for me!!^_^

jeng said...

Yeah, I remember Racks also as a sort of a high-end restaurant back then. Great pictures ; )

Meikah said...

I haven't been to Rack's lately. But I love their back ribs and fish and chips before. :) Your shots are good, tho. =P~

kamz said...

when i saw your baby back ribs, i was reminded of Bistro 1860 in cagayan de oro city. how i miss their food! they just serve the yummiest, most watering baby back ribs ever! and it is way cheaper! ang laki pa ng serving! hehe!

agent112778 said...

:p~ ang sarap ng carbonara nila

my entry for food friday is here

my entry for food trip friday is here

Great day for us Food Weekenders:)

Thanx for the Visit :)

yeye said...

meron papalang racks. mukhang masarap nga jan. mukha. kasi di pa ako nakakain jan eh hehehe. trip ko ung onion brick :Peto naman po ung akin :D

Hapunan by the Bay :)


thesserie said...

Never been there.....worth ba yung price ng food? kung bibigyan mo ng score, what would it be? para madalaw sana next time makauwi ng Pinas :)

Happy Lp and kisses to your cute daughter!!

iska said...

been there once or twice. nung kausuhan pa nya nga noon. i must admit i enjoyed!
(but maybe i am just so easy to please hehehehe)

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