Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snack Swap

It was so fortunate that I stumbled upon this website It's what we do! last night.This is like an international community,organized to --well-- swap snacks.Members of the community are partnered to a member from a different country to swap with.So,you'll get to taste some of the snacks from a different country or snacks that your country doesn't offer. Kunwari favorite mo yung KITKAT tapos gusto mo matikman yung ibang flavor na meron sa ibang bansa,ganun.O kaya naman sa UK may Cadbury with Mint Chips pero wala naman nun sa America tsaka dito sa Pilipinas.Pwede mo na matikman yun kapag ang naka-partner mo eh taga-UK.Pwede ka rin mag-request ng makaka-partner o mag-request sa magiging partner mo ng mga gusto mong ipadala nya sa iyo.

I created a livejournal account just for this.I applied to join their community.Sent the e-mail a few hours ago.

The next round of swapping will start this October and I'm really hoping they'd let me in.

Cross your fingers for me....patitikimin ko kayo,pramis.

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