Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Kitchen Light Fixtures

Iam going to tell you a little secret.

You know how much I love taking food photos, right? I love it so much that I only take food photos during the day. Daylight brings out the true colors of the food.  In as much as I would like to take photos of the food that I prepare or dinner, I always think twice about it because I know that it wouldn't do the food any justice. Our kitchen is dim because it is old and needs repainting. We also need new kitchen light fixtures to illuminate our kitchen.

I know that if I take a picture of the food at night it would either be dark or blurry. I already talked to my sister with regards to getting new pendant light fixtures. I guess we still have to think about it thoroughly and evaluate if our budget can cut it. I guess a new kitchen pendant lighting wouldn't cost as much but if we changed the our kitchen's lights and have it repainted, the whole house would follow and we would need to do that to each and every room in the house. There would be a renovation.

I guess we'll have to stick with just changing the kitchen's lighting fixtures...

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