Friday, July 15, 2011

I Want to Eat in Amsterdam Restaurants

It is getting crazier here in our house everyday! I mean with a business and five kids to take care of, I'm getting  a little bit stressed and I'm missing the rest and relaxation I had when peanutbutter came home for a vacation. But that's one of the reason why I work hard. So I can experience things like vacation and travel.

I love traveling. I love immersing myself in different cultures. I love to experience their food, music, people and art. One of the places that I want to go is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a beautiful city in the Netherlands that is known for its impressive architecture, canals and universities. Since I am a foodie at heart {and a food blogger at that}, the first thing I want to try or experience in when I go there is amsterdam restaurants. Food can tell a lot about a certain country.

I also want to see the art in Amsterdam. It is very seldom that I become interested in something as deep as art but since Amsterdam is known for impressive architecture which can also be considered as art, I figured I have to see the most beautiful piece of art Amsterdam has to offer their visitors.
After Amsterdam, it is Dubai I want to visit

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