Sunday, November 2, 2008


When I was still single I used to wear different earrings(ngayon kasi,hinahatak ng baby ko). By different ,I mean weird or kakaiba. This pair of earrings used to be my favorite when I was still working as a barista in a famous coffee shop.
yup, this is was taken this morning..Blush 

A pair of "siling labuyo" earrings...Isn't that spicy??
Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Definitely! It's HOT-HOT-HOT!!!

Hahaha! :D

Anonymous said...

that's cute! a different take on the theme indeed.

Maver said...

kakaiba at kakaaliw!

my lapis post may be found here:

Anonymous said...

hahaha! what a fun take on the theme. alam mo sa feng shui, ginagamit din ang mga mapupulang sili. :D

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