Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've been wanting to do some "repairs"  but I had to wait until the holiday buzz is over because it would be really hard to do something while people are hustling and bustling around the house. Well,I just found out today that I needed some basic tools in  order to do what I needed to do.Just some stuffs like hammers and painting stuffs but the problem is I really don't have any time to search the stores all over town for these things (and I really don't know anything about tools.)

Good thing I found Shopwiki.com. It totally gives a shopper everything she needs! Well, just like the hammers, I didn't know there are so many types of hammers! Plus, Shopwiki gives you lots of stores where the product that you're looking for is available.

This makes shopping easier and more fun.Hmmmmnn...I gotta check out some headbands and  some sweaters for my daughter.

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