Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Billy

I have a new friend. His name is Billy. I'm sure you would be glad to meet him if it means that being friends with him means saving a lot of money. Billy is very passionate about saving money and he makes sure that all of his friends never pay the full price again.

One of the things that I like about him is that he gives a lot of useful tips on how to save money. One example is his Tips on How to Save On Grocery Bills. It would really save a lot of money if you make grocery list ahead of time because it prevents you from buying  whatever your eyes lay upon. It would help you focus in buying what you just need. Buying generic brand that also functions like store brands and using coupons will also help pile up your savings.

My favorite among his tips is the 10 Ways To Save on Clothes. I'm guilty of buying clothes whenever I see something that looks good. Shopping for clothes has become a hobby or a past-time and sometimes therapy for many women. His tips will help you maximize what you have and save money. Some of the things that I learned and has been practicing is selling some of the clothes that I don't need and want anymore, buying when clothes are on sale and filling my closet with classic pieces.

Billy is also a great negotiator. He negotiates great deals with retailers and service providers for his friends. This means BIG savings specially on services that costs a lot like moving. If you are planning to move to California for example, you will need to look for affordable movers in California. You have to specify where in California  you'll be moving, of course, because some of the movers only provides service to a specific city only. You can get a lower rate if you'll contact a SF moving company if you're moving to San Francisco. Likewise for Oakland movers if you are moving to Oakland.

These would mean a lot if you are on a tight budget. So, wanna be friends with Billy? I'm sure by this time you're already excited.

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