Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday,Yanna!

We celebrated Yanna's 2nd birthday with her four days after her real birthday. Ykaie was excited to go because she knew that she's gonna see Jollibee again!
Ykaie bonded well with Kuya Jeffrey, Rizza's youngest because she already knew him. She also joined the party games eventhough she didn't have any idea what's going on...LOL! She just went with the flow and had fun.
Who I saw there: Romelia, Laarnie & Leigna, Rizza & Jeffrey,  and Luchie & her two kids who I didn't have the chance to "make chika".
Fabulous time for Ykaie..she had her picture with Jollibee and she got to eat her favorite "chicken skin & rice". I was left with a serving of Spaghetti and Palabok. Baka masyado ng humaba ang buhay ko sa pancit at pasta kaya yung spaghetti na lang ang kinain ko at tinake-home ang palabok.

Happy Birthday, Yanna! Hope you love Ate Ykaie's gift!

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Kate said...

Happy Birthday, Yanna! Cute ng outfit ni Ykaie as usual :)

Karen Chayne said...

Happy Birthday Yanna! ang saya ng birthday party! weeeeeeeeeeeh

Dj MariƱas said...

thanks for coming tita peachy and ate ykaie. enjoy si yanna and she loves your gift!

MomRizza said...

si Jeff talagang hinanap yung isang pair ng slippers ni Ykaie, hehehe...malapit na sa labas ng pinto nakuha ;)

anney said...

ang takaw ng bata!

Rossel said...

ang cute talaga ni ykaie. pwedeng-pwedeng model. i-audition mo na kaya peachy?

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