Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Shoes Has To Fit Those Little Feet

When Ykaie was born we were excited and bought her many set of clothes. She was my first-born, that's why I was really excited. I bought a lot of those cute newborn socks that looks like shoes. I bought those socks in different colors to match her clothes. After a few months, she started walking and that made me even more excited because that meant shopping for Baby Shoes!

I have seen a lot of pretty shoes at the mall and I can't wait to buy them for my daughter's pretty feet. I can still remember the day when we went to the mall to buy her what's going to be her first pair of shoes. This is the day I found out that buying a pair of shoes for a baby is different than buying one for adult. It requires a lot more attention because they can't tell you how it fits. One of her shoes gave her blisters after she wore them for two hours. I was frustrated with that pair because it was branded and a little expensive. I had give it away, she won't be able to use it anyway. It was hard-earned money wasted.

It's not always better to buy expensive branded shoes. Today, I always look for shoes that give protection and support to little feet. I go for brands that have all sizes available. Some brands like Startrite even has different width fittings to match children's feet.

Wondering if the shoe fits those little feet? Check out this video. It provides instructions of how to properly fit riptape girls shoes. The video explains simply what things to look out for to ensure shoes fit your little girl properly.

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Beth said...

Hi Peachy, I also have a hard time buying my daughter her shoes. Malaki kasi un entrada ng paa niya kaya hirap ako makahanap ng magffit dun. Anyway, meron pa naman nagkakasya :)

Peach, up na un Haagen Dazs ko na post ha? Actually, pang contest kasi un. Pag me time ka, pls drop by ha? And comment na din :)

Have a blessed week ahead!

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