Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something for my eyes

As you all know, I own and manage a small internet café. I open up at 7:30am and close at 12 midnight. If I'm lucky and I have a helper, I could steal around one to two hours of sleep at noon. But there are times when I don't have a helper. You know how hard it is to get someone you can trust to help you. When I don't have a helper, It's all me. I update the games to all 12 computers everyday. I upload new games to 12 computers. Then I'm in front of the café server from 7-12, that's 17 hours straight.

I'm lucky that I'm given such good eyes to be able to do those things. Most of the people in our family wears eyeglasses which they maintain annually. If ever you see me with an eyewear, it's probably only because I have tired eyes or maybe I have very big eyebags and I want to hide it behind a cute pair of eyeglasses so it won't get noticed. I hope I won't have to wear eyeglasses soon.

This summer the only thing that I have for my eyes are this cute brown sunglasses that peanutbutter and I bought a few months ago.

1 comment:

rjs mama said...

would love to see that cute sunglasses.

would love to know you more too. can you host a party on may19? i hope you'll say yes :)

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