Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So not Spoiled

Flower border by Lorie M Designs * Paper & Ribbon by Sweet Tomato Designs * Stamp Fram and Tie by Vicki @ Scrap That Idea

an entry for.


Anonymous said...

really? i think she is! just joking sis, how are you

Dj Marinas said...

super cute naman nitong scrap mo na to !!!

Kim, USA said...

Hi peach musta na. Ganda naman pagka scrapbook mo dito. I think in some ways or another we are all spoiled and well loved at the same time. For me I like to be called spoiled bratz by my husband lol!

Chyng said...

grabe supercute nya!

Zeee said...

wow Peach! love the page! thanks for joining this week! :)

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