Friday, May 1, 2009


I had a friend over this afternoon. Well, I don't really know if I can call her a friend. To put in an exact description, I had a highschool-classmate-slash-acquaintance-slash-somebody-I-talk-with-along-the-corridors (way back in highschool) -who-just-recently-became-a-friend over this afternoon. Thanks to technology, we became acquainted again and had bonded through YM chats and bloghopping while working. I'm sure you agree, Dj.

It was nice seeing her. Because it was refreshing. You don't really like everyone back then and she was one of those people I like. Plus you don't really get to bond with everyone at the time.Everybody has their own barkadas.

It was very comfortable just as I expected. Kasi nakapag-chikahan naman na kami.... almost everyday pa nga.I really can't explain it but it feels good to have somebody in your past be in the present. And it feels great to be re-acquainted.

Cheers, DJ!
To this newly found old friendship!  (tama ba ako?haha)

Gusto ko pa sana chumika dyahe lang ang pagkakataon..


Dj Mariñas said...

It was a joy seeing you again Peachy. My pleasure. Kakatuwa kasi it seems like we're closer now than we were before in hs. Cheers to us my re-acquianted friend. Hope to see you more often.

anney said...

DJ pengeng sisig!! ahihihi!

pet said...

pinaka masarap makatagpo ng isang tao na naging kabhagi mo sya sa nakaraan at ngayon ay nagkausap kayo..sempre babalikan nyo ang nakaraan at dun ka mapapangiti sa pag alala ng lahat ng iyong mga ginawa

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