Tuesday, May 26, 2009


...it's been two years of being married to you and everyday you give me a reason to thank God for bringing you into my life.

... because your smile makes me smile.
... because you eat whatever I cook or make
... because you sing well..... and you sing to me
... because you try everything to cheer me up on my grumpiest day which is almost every month.
... because you take care of Ykaie
... because you bring home pasalubong for me and Ykaie
... because you go to the mall with me eventhough I know that you hate it.
... because I can trust you to do things you say you would do.
... because I'm never overweight to you (ows?! hahaha)
... because you're great with directions.
... because you give good great kisses
... because you give a good massage
...  because you pretend you're not yet sleepy so we can sleep at the same time (kahit na di ka pa natutulog since last night)
... because you listen to me. (kahit minsan may delay yung reply)
... because you sneak up on me when I take a bath....and I scream.
... because you value my opinion.
... because you let me sleep on your days off
... because you are always there.
... because you spend time with me.....and Ykaie
... because you go to work every single day in a very ungodly hour for us
... because you love dogs.
... because you really help out at the shop..... doing manly things
... because we can take a lot of heat.
... because when you said  you'll take care of me,you really did
... because when you said you'll never leave me, you didn't
....because you love Ykaie.
... because you're you and you love me.

I'm not stopping here because we have a long way to go. We still have a lot to go through and like what I said two years ago , I know I would always wanna share life's little and BIG adventures with you. There's a lot of good and a lot of bad waiting for us but the most important thing is that we go through them together.

Happy Anniversary. I love you .


pet said...

ang sarap naman nitong post mo mommy peach, gusto ko yung sabi mo na "I'm not stopping here because we have a long way to go. We still have a lot to go through" totoo yan kase napakahaba pa ng pagsasamahan nyong dalawa..isang saludo sa inyong mag asawa mommy peach at hangad ko ang maraming taon pa sa inyong dalawa..

Dee said...

Hi Peachkins,

Ang sweet nito! Straight from the heart. Happy Anniversary! :D

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