Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Kisses

This was when she first learned how to kiss. She was always kissing me and trying to bite my cheeks.

This is my entry for  's mother and daughter theme.

Happy Monday everyone!


Zriz said...

ayyyy ka cute naman sa mag-ina! Adorable kisses nga....jelly na ako...gusto na akong magkababy! nyahahaha :D

Thanks for joining this week peach!

Pacey said...

So cute and sweet...Enjoy the moment coz soon he'll grow up and wouldn't want to kiss their moms anymore. :)

Rossel said...

so sweet of your daughter. cute ng kuha nyo. c",)

Dj Mariñas said...

Uy ang sweet. kakatuwa naman si ykaie nakahawak pa talaga sa face ni mommy pag kiss. Advance happy mothers day mommy Peachy. :-)

Rechie said...

ang super cute and super sweet naman ni i wish i have a sweet lil one right now

Mine is up, I hope u can visit

Ladynred said...

This is sooo sweet and precious layout.

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