Sunday, February 1, 2009

I was able to wake up at 9am the other day.thanks to peanutbutter. Bihira na lang kasi akong makatulog ng lampas 7:00 dahil nagbubukas ako ng computer shop ng 7:30 at hindi naman lumalampas ng 7:00 ang wake-up time ni Ykaie kaya palagi akong may wake up call..
We attended peanutbutter's cousin's wedding yesterday.So nakapunta ulit ako ng Tagaytay. I had my first Starbucks coffee again after a long time.

The trip to Tagaytay reminded me how I love roadtrips. Now I know I'm in it to see and feel the morning sun.Somehow, you just don't feel it when you are in your normal mode in the city. May be because the day is too busy or you're too busy to care...

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