Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Adarne Fam in Tagaytay

Woke up at around 3:00am yesterday to attend CIL's wedding in Tagaytay

We had coffee at Starbucks to wake us up before the wedding...

At dahil maganda ang view, we had a few more pictures taken outside the store..

hay, sarap talaga sa Tagaytay...malamig!

at the Caleruega Church 
ang cute nila dito sa fountain,couldn't resist taking the picture..
silip......daddy and Ykaie being playful...
in front of the church..Tito Rod, mama,US(peanutbutter, Ykaie and me) and papa..

kainis yung damit ko..ayoko nito,nakakataba !Laughter  
ang gaganda ng mga CILs ko no? That's the beautiful bride right in the middle,Karmeer

Congratulations and Best Wishes Warren and Karmeer!!
A few more shots after the wedding:
Ykaie and mommy...Taal ang background
The happy Adarne Fam
Ykaie and daddy being playful
Ykaie with lola Lucy and lolo Sony



pet said...

sarap talaga sa tagaytay ano? ang gaganda naman ng mga pix!

Marites said...

beautiful Tagaytay pictures. I have been to Tagaytay several times and never seen this. I will have to find the place:)

Mommy Liz said...

I love all the pictures, especially yung nakasilip si Ykaie at precious moments...

Anonymous said...

beautiful family! nice shots! thanks for sharing, hope to see more post from you soon! I miss reading tagalog(language) post and I was so happy to find one here and really enjoyed reading it! thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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