Sunday, June 29, 2008


So I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown trying to be a superwoman,balancing life as a mommy,wife, & managing our little internet cafe.I successfully eliminated my social life (as if I had any),bonding with my sis at the mall,movie dates with my husband,my sleeping time, my spiritual life & even my sweet little time of watching the telly."Pagtunganga" became a luxury..

Everyday for the past two months I'm already awake on Ykaie's waking time which is 6am.I give her vitamins,feed her & take her down to her Lolo to tend to her while I clean the cafe over coffee(Sigh..)Then my day starts,I give Ykaie her bath,feed her & hele her to sleep,all that in between time ins & time outs of the computer shop's customers.

I also make sure I tend to my husbands needs & listen to his never ending complains about life.There are also some little fights in between those stressful moments at times.Aaaargghhh!Listen to my husband complaining that he doesn't have a hobby when his complaining seems to be one..haha.

I realized that right now I really don't have time for myself.No time to feel my feelings.No time to hear my thoughts.Not that I'm complaining .I love taking care of my three babies namely Alvin,Ykaie & the cafe but there are times when I wish I can have a decent conversation with my husband without him playing RF Online.There are times when I wish I can take a bath without worrying that nobody is keeping an eye on Ykaie & the cafe.

I do miss the freedom of the single life when I can do anything I like without worry but I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything.

Even if I get less sleep.
Even if I hear complains all day.
Even if I can't even comb my hair until 4pm.
Even if I am tired.

At the end of the day,
when my husband kisses me on the cheek & hugs me,
& when my daughter gives me the sweetest smile ever..
my heart melts into marshmallow.

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MaRyA said...

Makikichismis ako.. I needed to read the first posts kasi and my do I agree with you. I echo your sentiments. Mommyhood and wifeyhood must have a 24/7 support group. hehehe But, life gets better...

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