Monday, March 22, 2010

Ykaie's Pasta Choice

This was one of our orders when we went out last saturday. It was a Nut-Pesto Pasta with Italian sausage. Ykaie loves oil-based pasta. She's doesn't like the spaghetti  with hotdog and sweet-blend tomato sauce kids usually go crazy for.
She had three servings of this pasta....look at that satisfied  expression.

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Sarah Vino said...

Oh she lookes GORGEOUS!!!! I love seeing children enjoy their food!

arny said...

wow ang sarap naman! kakaiba tong si ykaie ah sosyal ang taste ahahaha

sassy mom said...

Ykaie's choice of pasta is unusual for a kid... they usually opt for the cream based or the sweet tomato sauce. Nasanay sa taste ni Mommy :-)

caloy said...

wow! sarap na sarap si Ykaie.. inggit ako.. fave ko din pesto eh..

reyapot said...

pesto pasta! i love! hehehe..

visit mo din posts ko sis ha..

Bambie dear ★ said...

satisfied nga.., ay sayang pwedi rin entry to sa mellow yellow.

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