Friday, March 12, 2010

Before peanutbutter♥'s flight

The day before peanutbutter's flight to Dubai was spent over at my in-laws. We had a big lunch of Fried Fish, Beef with Bittermelon, Chicken and steamed rice. It was finished with a big glass of Rocky Road Ice Cream. Then more talks, advices, and reminders followed. Ykaie played some computer games and when she got tired, she asked for her milk and went to her grandma's room to sleep. Ykaie loves to fall asleep while watching TV.So mama, my MIL, got the air matress, put some bed sheet on top of it and positioned  it near the TV for Ykaie.101

This is one of the conveniences of having an air matress at home. You can lie down anywhere, anytime because it's very easy to set up. I think the difference is the in the materials its made of and the durability. So better check out some reviews or ratings of king air mattresses before buying one.

Anyway, I didn't know how we got into the topic but Ykaie was borrowing one of my in-laws' TV because she said that we didn't have TV in our room at home. Can you imagine a two-year old saying that? And I think they are really letting her borrow one of their TVs.


Anonymous said...

d bale soon u can afford to have one now that peanut butter is in Dubai, hehehhhe...

Bambie dear ★ said...

ang cute naman ni Ykaie for sure habang sinasabi yun.. napaka bibo, so smarty... thanks to her at may tv na kayo sa room nyo nyan hehe

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