Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Manila Zoo

I wanted to take Ykaie to Manila Zoo because I had such a great time as a kid there and I wanted her to see more animals. Admission for adults cost P40 and for children below 4 ft it's P20.
The Manila Zoo that we visited is not the Manila Zoo that I've known as a kid anymore.Cages are being renovated as well as other areas of the zoo but there are less animals.Most of the animals are poorly taken care of and there are no giraffe or even a lion in sight.
We saw tigers, monkey, snake, iguana, ostrich, philippine deer, zebra, horses, hippo, different kinds of birds and an elephant.
There is also a small zoo inside the Manila Zoo called Kinder Zoo where you can pet the animals and take your pictures with them. Admission here costs P65 per person. You can take your pictures with different kinds of birds, an ostrich, a snake, a wild boar, a small crocodile,a turtle and a baby monkey.

I think Ykaie is a little bit scared with the birds, maybe because she can feel the claws in her head...
Ykaie and daddy
Cousin Roman
...with daddy and mommy

...baby monkey
ykaie doesn't wanna carry the monkey but is afraid to let go of it either because it might fall and she knows that falling might hurt the baby monkey.

ate chellie and ykaie
not scared with the big turtle---at all!
and that concludes our day at the Zoo.
I wonder where our next stop will be.
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Manila Zoo
Quirino Ave. Adriatico St.


Dj MariƱas said...

Love the pics BFF!

eds said...

wow.. gusto ko rin jan .. hehehe.. 6 years old yata ako ng una ako mapunta sa manila zoo lol.. hehe nice adventure peachy.. at ang porma nman ni ykaie.. uahhh.. naka boots pa..

Anney said...

Foklat ka! bat mo kinorbet yung iba kong shots? Pang post ko nga din yan

Marice said...

love all photos sissy and your kids are so cute and adorable esp the littlest one :)

u may view mine here

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