Friday, March 19, 2010

Peanut Butter Company/ PB Co.

I am missing peanutbutter too much. I wanna eat everything with peanut butter. Good thing Peanut Butter Company opened up. This place is peanut butter heaven! I  highly recommended  this for peanut butter lovers or those who are just adventurous eaters out there!
The menu board [click to see larger image]
They offer everything with peanut butter whether sweet or savory. Pinoys are known to be peanut butter lovers but I think this is really a big move on their part to open up a restaurant that serves everything with peanut butter.
Roast Beef Sandwich [P185]
This is composed of cardamom peanut butter, roast beef and gravy.It tastes good but the bread is a little soggy from the gravy.
Classic Spaghetti [P135]
The classic spaghetti's sauce is Sun Dried Tomato Peanut Butter Meat sauce. I am surprised that the sun dried tomatoes and peanut butter went well together. I promised myself to try the other pasta dishes.
What's nicer is that aside from the local sodas, they also sell some of the imported soda flavors. Here's Ykaie, posing with my cherry 7up.
Imported Sodas [P45]
They also sell plain and different flavors of peanut butter for P180 - P220 which you can have a free taste before buying.*wink*
I'm definitely going back to try the Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich, The PB Burger Sandwich and the Peanut Butter BLT Sandwich.

Peanut Butter Company
2nd level, SM North EDSA 
[bridge going to the Sky Garden, beside Crepes and Cream]

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Food Trip Friday said...

Kendrick loves Peanut Butter, too bad he can't take peanut butter sandwich for school lunch since one of his classmate have an allergy.

on the lighter note;
Kasing red ng cheeks ni Ykaie yung red seven-up :)

luna miranda said...

i'm a peanut butter monster--oh, too bad, malayo ang SM West sa akin!:(

Anne said...

Peanut Butter ay masarap papakin, i remember one of my officemate before nagtitinda ng peanut butter super sarap din... dami foodies here sis, love spag too... :-) anyway Here's my Vege Salad Entry.

Gloria said...

I love the pics of your little!
We have peanut butter but dont use a lot, I think the marshmallow peanut butter sandwich sound nice! huggs gloria

Anney said...

At sa susunod na pagbalik natin jan e ako naman ilibre mo ha? hihihi!

Cecile said...

loves the spaghetti :-); looks yummy to me

caloy said...

wow wow wow looks yummy... mapasyalan nga yan :-)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i saw this in SM North.. I wanna try their peanut butter, esp. the Dark Choco :)

I was thinking if I should try their meals the time I went there.. medyo hesitant ako coz I wasn't used to putting PB on my food. except for bread/ pancakes of course! :)

probably next time nalang since i've read good reviews about their food.

anney said...

bat ang tigas ng katawan nung bata sa unang picture?

anney said...

ang kulit ng itsura mo bata!

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