Sunday, March 14, 2010


Instead of sleeping in my days which is what I really feel like doing, what I did to keep this saturday night busy is I accepted overnight players. This will last until 6 in the morning and then, I'm planning to sleep in the first half of my sunday.
I know, it seems like an awful awful way to spend my weekend but I feel lazy as hell. Or maybe I feel uninspired. Its a good thing that I got to talk to peanutbutter through video call, though. I was able to see him  even though he is a little bit pixelated.
This is really hard. You wouldn't really know how hard it is in this situation until you've experienced it.


simply kim said...

always tell yourself... 'i'll make it through..' and you will..

Bambie dear ★ said...

ganyan talaga, super mararamdaman mo na talaga in the first few weeks.. pero masasanay na rin kayo.. atleast ngayon, maeenjoy at appreciate mo ang mga lovesongs, lalo na yung mga nakakabaog na music dba

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