Saturday, March 27, 2010

An accident that happened months ago....

It was just a normal day and my daughter, Ykaie, was being her usual nosy playful self around the house. My  aunt and I were having a conversation when we heard a really loud sound of glass shattering on the floor. I checked the immediate vicinity and my daughter was nowhere to be found. I found her just below the display cabinet, glass shards scattered on the floor. I think she was in shock because she was not moving. The glass shard that littered the floor was the cabinet's glass door.

What happened was, she opened the cabinet's door so she could play with the small colorful figurines inside.The hinges got loose from the wooden cabinet, when she pulled the glass door it fell on the floor and shattered. It's really a good thing the door did not fall on her. It was a miracle that she was unscathed by the incident. Not even a small wound from the broken glass.

When we inspected the hinges, we found some powdered wood. We suspected that drywood termites has been eating the wooden cabinet. Immediately my aunt injected some kind of chemical to kill the termites that might be eating the whole cabinet. Today, we are more careful about the wooden furniture around the house. Accidents happen and, of course, we want to prevent it from happening whenever we can.

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Anney said...

hanef! ang galing umisif ng tafic.

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