Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

 djoraine, rome, kakai and ate irene
We had grilled seafood on for lunch on New Year's day. Everybody took turn in grilling the food.
 It's kinda sad that not everyone made it, specially kuya and the kids but it was a fun day anyway. Lots of singing, laughing and eating!
 Lunch was wonderful! Check out our food photos here.
 It was singing time in the afternoon. I didn't sing. I have such a horrible voice.LOL!

We also watched some old videos of  family gatherings and laughed at old versions of ourselves. It was such a fun New year's day. Next year, I promise I'm gonna wear polka dots!


Rome Diwa said...

wearing polka dots on new year is a sign of aging sissy! dont! ahahaha i like my pic with tita ts a signature smile but wasnt faked. ahahaha

icedgurl said...

InViTiNg YoU tO TrEK mY SiTe! CooL PhOtOs FrOm EvErYDaY ExPeRiEnCeS.. HaPpY NeW YeAr! CheErS! :]

MomRizza said...

I agree with Rome! sa amin laging ang lola ko ang nakikita kong naka-suot ng damit na may polka dots :)
Saya ng New Year nyo ah!

kimmy said...

wow! a really happy new year!!

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