Friday, July 30, 2010

Who is SALT?

The other day, I was one of the privileged few to see SALT for free...that's me in blue..lined-up to get my tickets. There were three tickets so I brought my cousin, Rome and my sis, Anney. {who are these people--Rome & Anney?}
The event was sponsored by Nestle Heaven Ice Cream...there was free ice cream! Yay!
We had Vanilla Almond Secret, Belgian Chocolate Bliss and Strawberry Dream. We also bought some popcorns and lemonades.
Angelina Jolie does it again and proves she is not just a female action star but an action star! This movie reminds me of a James Bond movie, only bolder... and sexier. I would definitely be waiting for a sequel.
There was a q&a portion before the movie and I was also lucky to was a giveaway. Do you want to know what's wrapped inside that cute package I was holding?
 Nestle yummies!!!! Thank you so much Nestle and Nuffnang! We had a really great time!


MomRizza said...

Uy nakakatuwa naman Peach :) talagang ayaw magpa-picture ni Sis ah ;)

caryn said...

winner! ang sarap naman! ;-)

J said...

Panalo! Ano ang question na tinanong sa yo?

Kate said...

Wow! too bad I missed it :( It would have been nice finally meeting you in person :)

Arianne The Bookworm said...

wow... ice cream!! love!

hope to catch Salt too, with hubby... thanks for sharing :)

Mia Dela Cruz-Soriano said...

you were one of those who won the free movie tickets...good for you! i'm sooo jealous! i only saw the email about a couple of days after kaya ayun :( i've heard such great feedback about salt.

pero grabe, nanakam ako sa nestle prize mo. aaargh! :)

Rome Diwa said...

ay bonga mga pix. pasosyo. he he he

kimmy said...

wow! lucky you!

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!

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