Monday, March 16, 2009

My Friends

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These are my friends.We really don't have lots of pictures because it's hard to fix up schedules.We really are four in our barkada but Rence can't go at the time because of work.

I miss these people.We rarely see each other now. Bren lives in Zambales and is the queen of busy-ness. May works in a cruise ship and will be coming home next week. Rence is in Dubai, working as an architect there. I hope they visit my blogs...haha.


Anonymous said...

Kakamiss talaga mga friends lalo na yan mga kaklase pa natin ng highschool. Talagang mga tried and tested na.:)

Zeee said...

Aww ang ganda! Yeah it's so sad na we can't spend time with our friends no? There are a lot in our barkada and most have gone to other places for work and as of now ako lang ang nasa ibang bansa... kakamis talaga...buti na lang me internet! hehehe

Thanks for joining this week! Next weeks' challenge/theme is SUMMER!

pet said...

long time friend ano? ang sarap magsama sama ulit parang reunion di ba?

Anonymous said...

Am sure these photos are some of your memorable treasures. Nice LO too.

Anonymous said...

Friends forever! I could spend hours hanging out after long years of not seeing each other. Very creative!

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