Friday, April 15, 2011

What about the floor?

Remember the room renovation? Yup, it's starting. I'll be purchasing the air conditioner and soon they'll be making a hole in our bedroom wall for it. Then, they'll be closing the opening near the ceiling and repainting the room.

Now, I am thinking what more could I add to the renovation aside from Ykaie's new bed? The back of my mind is saying that a Laminate flooring install could be a good idea. Since, I might think about putting it a few months after the renovation. I'm worried about the expenses, though. I'm trying to make a calculation based on only my assumption of what each would cost.

I think that it would cost me more than what I'm ready to spend. Yikes!
And I'm trying to justify the cost to myself too. When was that room last renovated, anyway? I think I was still a child then.The paint today is peeling itself out on those walls and they're kinda dirty too. The floor needs more waxing and evidently, the rooms needs a lot of cleaning!

It's going to be a lot of work but I sure hope it's worth every drop of sweat. I can already see the outcome .

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