Saturday, February 12, 2011

My two new blogs..

February is not over yet but I already have a lot to be thankful for this month. This month I was able to transfer my two blogs who has it's own domain to a self-hosted platform. I'm also very thankful that I was able to launch two more blogs this month. Although they still need some website polishing and a few personal touches here and there. I'm very proud and happy that they are already running.

The first blog is my travel blog ~The Wandering Peach. The Wandering Peach will talk about my travel and my family's travel. Now, I don't really get to travel a lot. In this blog I would want to share my past travels and some places I want to go to in the future. If I find a good deal, I will be sharing it here as well.

The second blog is my "mommy blog" ~ The Mommy Who never Sleeps. This blog talks about parenting,being a mommy and a wife. This will also serve as an album for my daughter, hee.

I just have to edit some things on the home page of the site plus a few polishing like a said and it will be ready to go. I'll have to re-write the About Me page and I guess some logo designing too. I need to think of a good, memorable and eye catching logo for both blogs.

I hope to see you guys on both blogs.. and THANK YOU for always dropping by...

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