Monday, June 14, 2010

Choto Stop in Little Tokyo

Choto Stop is a small Japanese Grocery store located in Little Tokyo. We went there in search for Sis's Furikake. She is into this Bento thing at the moment. By we, I meant Roman, Sis, Ykaie and me.
Ykaie and I had fun going through all of the items being sold. They have everything, from noodles to rice to chocolates to beauty stuff. They even have fresh and frozen items. Almost everything here is worth P75 except for some expensive stuffs like the wines...
Chocolates and cookies! peanutbutter's favorite Pocky and I think that's kewpie mayo and ketchup.I was hoping they have the Meiji Green tea chocolate but they don't have any. So I just bought a LOOK Parfait Ala Mode chocolate and Rice Wine Vinegar for my recipe next week.
 Here's Ykaie getting something she thinks she likes...
It's like a Japanese Mini-Stop judging from its logo. While there, we enjoyed some snacks at the small restaurant at the back of the grocery store and we also indulged ourselves in some of Hana's Takoyaki Balls.

Choto Stop
Little Tokyo
Chino Roce Ave.,

an entry forPhotobucket. Happy start of the week! 


AC said...

OMG! May ganyan na sa atin??? waaah!!! I'm gonna do all my weekly grocery there kung andyan lang ako... waaah!!! I can't miss that in December... yum!!! Here's Mine

Willa said...

I can't blame your sis about loving the Bento because I myself is addicted to it but I bought mine online. :)
Cute ni Ykaie,talaga naman match pa yung outfit nya sa japanese ambiance. :)

Kate said...

I love Choto Stop :D So many cute things to buy! Btw, ang laki na ni Ykaie. It seems that she's bigger in every post. haha :)

Clarissa said...

Ang dami kong nakikitang japanese snacks lol!You've got to try Pocky strawberry flavor--masarap yun,Peach!

sassy mom said...

Wow! may ganyan pala dito... I'd like to drop by that place. Thanks for the info.

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