Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kimono Ken

We had an early dinner before watching Percy and the Lightning Thief yesterday. Ykaie wanted some Ramen so off we went to Kimono Ken.Wait till you see what we ordered...
California Maki [P125]
Crabstick, mango, lettuce with Japanese mayonnaise and tobiko. I love California Maki, this is a must when dining japanese.
Gomoku Ramen [P200]
Salt based soup with mixed seafood, chicken and vegetables. This is good for sharing and it was divided between peanutbutter, Ykaie and me.
Ebi Tempura [P300]
Tempura is one of those japanese dishes that peanutbutter loves. Kimono Ken's Tempura is perfect!
Yaki Soba [P165]
Sauteed noodles, porkloin and vegatables. My MIL's order.Maybe I was already full when I tried this but I prefer Bubble Tea's Yakisoba over this one.
Yaki Udon [P175]
Sauteed thick white noodles with porkloin and vegetables. I know, it looks radioactive.Sorry for the over-exposed photo and thanks to my FIL for being supportive over my blog. By the way, this is his order. I love Udon but their version is too sweet for me.
If you will notice, we had oodles of noodles...we didn't notice until the orders arrived. Everything we ordered were meant for sharing and we finished everything! If I eat like this everyday, I'll be needing some serious Cosmetic Surgery. I am so glad I only do so when we go out.

Kimono Ken
3rd Flr SM The Block


Kate said...

Ykaie is super pretty, Peach! :) Ang sarap naman ng food!

Fresh Local and Best said...

Love all of the food! Tempura looks yummy!

Gloria Baker said...

what lovely look all!!! I love all but my favorite is the last picture you know!! gloria

Dj Marinas said...

daming food !!! lahat mukhang masarap. big girl na si ykaie. little miss na :-)

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

mahilig ka talaga sa japanese food.. di ko pa talaga natitikman mga japanese resto dyan except yung tokyo tokyo na parang di naman japanese at karate kid na ala lang..

anney said...

goshh puro pansit!!

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