Monday, July 21, 2008

The Spa

So it was Ate Arlene's late birthday celebration today (her birthday was last July 16).As ususal, Alvin was groggy from lack of sleep since he just came from work.We went to Trinoma and met his family at Gerry's.
They were very aliw with Ykaie because of her new talent.She just learned to wave bye-bye.Yay!

We got Ate Arlene a gift certificate for a Volcanic Stone Massage at the Spa.We were kinda envious.The Spa was calling to us.

Well,I've been wanting needing a foot spa since last season & guest what...Taaahdahh!!! Alvin & I went to The Spa for some treatment after lunch.I know he's also been needing a massage.Everytime I give him a back rub,I always feel how stressing he was because of the knotted muscles on his upper back.

The Spa entrance at Trinoma
Me,having a foot wakas!
My feet on a wonderful soak
Hay, medyo kawawa naman yun nag-foot spa sa akin dahil ilang buwan na akong di nakakapagpa-foot spa.wahaha.

The Spa's Ginger Tea is the best! Hmmmnn..paano kaya gawin yun?Sobrang sarap..I was tempted to ask for another cup kaya lang nakakahiya naman..haha.Makahanap nga ng recipe for Ginger Tea at magaya.
Watch out for: Peachy's Ginger Tea..ngek!

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