Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Salpicao Memories

 You know how it is when you have certain expectations & it wasn't met? There's great disappointment.That was what happened yesterday when sis & I had lunch at Tender Bob's.I usually order Steak (T-Bone,well-done) when we eat there because I do love love love Steaks (yumm!) but I decided to take a break from the old Steak experience and  ordered SALPICAO, instead. Big mistake.
I was expecting bite size pieces of tender,buttery & garlicky beef .Theirs had some sauce & a little too salty for my taste.Argh!
It brought back memories of the Beef Salpicao in I tried at Cafe Elysee back when I was in first year of college.
Cafe Elysee doesn't exist anymore...tsk! tsk!....*sigh*
Which reminded me that I was planning to cook Salpicao for 2 months now.Di lang matuloy kasi beef tenderloin is soooooo expensive!You have to buy it whole.Pero,I think matutuloy na sya,my sis would split the price with me because she is planning to cook Jap Jae,which is like a Korean Noodle or something...
Well,let's see how MY Beef salpicao will turn out..

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