Sunday, July 13, 2008


I was going to say I stumbled upon this picture while I was browsing through old pictures but no,sinadya kong ilagay yung picture na yan.Wala lang.Masaya lang,how we met.Syempre millions of lovers would say it's different how they met.That their lovestory is unique.But ours,should I say magical or romantic or whatever adjective that describes a happy,blissful feeling?? Well,we didn't really become US from the start because I had a boyfriend at the time.The relationship started 5 years after when we saw each other at the train station.We both have different jobs then. I don't really know how to describe our lovestory.But one thing's sure. That we were so blessed to be given a chance to be with each other.To be this HAPPY.
"It took more than a year before Alvin & I saw each other again after our "emotional affair"  from a previous workplace.Our emotion overflowed that day,we ended up e-mailing,texting & finally dating.It was during that time that I am struck by a thought so disturbing that I shuddered in horror: I am either going to marry this guy or I'm going to kill him so no one can have him.It wasn't the discovery of my inner murderess that made my blood run cold.It was the idea that I wanted this man.I wanted him to be mine. Forever.So I did.I married him & life is perfect.."
-August 2007 (Friendster Blog)

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