Friday, September 25, 2009

Open Source Blog Award

Thank you so much Thea of The Diary of Art's Wife. Really appreciate this award.

Blog Awards is a fun way of connecting with other bloggers and building friendships/community.

Here’s the rules: before you put the link, you must remove the participant number 1 from the list. So that all participants up 1 level. Who was number 2 become number 1, number 3 was 2, and so on. Then insert your own links at the bottom (number 10).

2. Enno
3. boodee
4. Woel
5. Lyla
6. Mr. D
7. Jenny 
8. Riza  
9. Thea 
10. peachkins 

And I'm passing this blog award to this wonderful fellow bloggers. Some are newly found blogger friends:

1. Kaye 
2. Jenny 
3. Niko 
4. Salen 
5. Liz 
6. Noreen 
7. Darly


kAyE said...

thanks for this! i'm here to grab it :)

nikogirl said...

weeeeeh! thanks ganda! post ko na to sa girls rule blog ko ha..

mwah mwah

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