Friday, July 10, 2009

New Wendy's Wrap and Roll

Whne I met peanutbutter for lunch the other day, I chose to eat at his favorite fast food place -- Wendy's! I would like to try their new wrap called Wrap and Roll.

peanutbutter ordered the Single Big Classic Combo with Biggie Iced Tea and Biggie Fries and a small frosty while I ordered the Wrap and Roll with just a small drink.

The poster said that the new Wendy's Wrap and Roll is an extremely juicy chicken breast fillet with a hefty serving of crisp lettuce showered with grated cheddar cheese and smothered with your choice of zesty ranch or sweet honey mustard sauce.
Well, I really didn't expect that it would look like what it does on the poster and I really like that they gave me one with honey mustard sauce but I was expecting that I would get to choose the between the two dressing. I would've tried the Ranch.

Wendy's Hamburger

1st Level, Annex Bldg.
SM City North EDSA
Quezon, Metro Manila 

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Willa said...

bakit kaya walang ganyan ang Wnedy's dito.hmmm....mukhang masarap pa naman.

Clarissa said...

wwaahhh!!wala ring Wendy's dito sa amin!!(T_T)Meron din ganyang wrap and roll dito but I would like to try the taste from Wendy's!!

Thanks for dropping by,Peach!!Hugs to Ykaie!!^_^

luna miranda said...

favorite ko talaga Wendy's. it's where i hangout when i'm PMS-ing and craving for burgers & fries.:P

foodiejenn said...

Ang sarap maging food blogger, noh? We always want to check out the new foods in food places. Ma-try nga rin ito.

My Food Trip Friday is now posted HERE. Have a very great Friday!

maggie said...

ang sarap, at tama si jenn masarap maging food blogger kaso lang pano yun kung wala akong pera pangkain, wala ako maiba-blog *lol*.

I have something for you (again) please drop by my blog to see it.

Shey said...

Uy Wendy's. Di ko alam na marami na palang masarap dyan. Obvious na matagal na akong hindi nakapunta sa Wendy's. It will be on my list. :)

Happy weekend!

Jay - agent112778 said...

wow new meal, ma try nga :D

my entry is here

Great day for us Food Weekenders:)

Thanx for the Visit :)

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