Thursday, July 30, 2009

Restaurant City

Food is love. And we love food, we also love restaurants with good food.My love for food is what drove me to try this game on Facebook called Restaurant City.

Restaurant City is a game where you can create and run your own restaurant,hire your friends to work for you and design your restaurant as you please.You also collect ingredients to create your own menu from appetizer to dessert!

I'm lovin' this game! This is me, I bought myself a new set of clothes and a toque!

This is my storefront. It used to be a Tiki Hut with wooden planks in the facade but since I'm on a high level now I upgraded it into Ykaie's Palace.

I'm in Level 24 as of the moment. I got tired of playing when I reached level 23 but since they had additonal updates on the games like beverages that can be served when you reached level 15,my game started going again.

My Menu:

 Appetizer: Royal Cream of Mushroom Soup. Mushroom soup that reached the maximum level (Level 10)
 Main Entree: Royal Pepperoni Pizza

Dessert: Royal Pancakes
Drinks: Simple Glass of Water..Its Level 1 since it just got added into the menu.

I have to have ingredients!!!

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