Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I really love being a food blogger. It let's you try out new recipes and you get to go to restaurants with new products or menus. I'm lovin' my food blog, The Peach Kitchen these days. I'm crazy about trying out recipes  and posting every other day but somehow I'm very limited to what I can cook because I don't have some of the kitchen appliances needed like a food processor, for example. That is why I'm planning to buy one. I love making soups but all I can make as of the moment are chunky ones.

So I checked out some food processors from and I immediately fell in love with this one from Kitchenaid. And guess what?? Like all other women, I am drooling at all the beautiful kitchen equipments I saw. Who wouldn't want new blenders, microwave ovens, hand mixers and refrigerators?

And guess what?! They have my latest craze right now! I found these cutesies!
I am collecting colorful dishes . So if you are into this too I recommend you check it out they have lots of these beautiful dinnerwares.


EastCoastLife said...

I love to look at and buy kitchenware. I have a whole cupboard of them... collecting dust. haha....

jodi said...

siguro kelangan ko na rin gumawa ng blog about my kitchen adventure...tanx for sharing sis..

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