Monday, March 30, 2009

They are growing up and having makeovers!

My daughter's current favorite cartoon is Dora the Explorer.Do-ya as she fondly calls her. Ang bilis-bilis nya lumaki..Parang kelan lang ay nakahiga pa sya sa duyan ngayon may favorite cartoon na sya.Well, kahit ako naman nung wala pa si Ykaie.I love watching Dora the Explorer at naisip ko na very educational sya at magandang ipapanood sa magiging baby ko.

But I heard they are changing Dora.They are making her grow up. I think tween girls who grew up with the preschool Dora will love the new Dora because she is more fashionable and she will handle new challenges.She will also have new adventures with her new friends.(naku,paano na si boots?).

Parents were concerned that the new Dora won't be a good role model for their toddlers anymore but I heard that preschool Dora is not going anywhere. So they don't have anything to worry about. Tween Dora is just an alternative for their daughters who are growing up and having new academic and environmental challenges of their own.

But wait, I also heard they are making Strawberry Shorcake grow up.I love her when I was a little girl.
Chubby little Strawberry Shortcake is being replaced by a tween Strawberry Shortcake who has a cellphone instead of Custard, the Calico cat. I think the new one is cute but I hope they are not really "replacing" her. I don't wanna say goodbye to the 2-3 year old Strawberry.

Hay pati Carebears nag-undergo na rin ng makeover. They have less belly fat and longer eyelashes..(I-liposuction ba?). Love na love ko pa naman sila. Mas gusto ko yung dati nilang itsura kaysa sa bago.

I-compare nyo. Alin ang mas cute? Di ba yung old Carebears?


Precious thoughts said...

I agree. Mas cute yung old school na carebears. Mas huggable kaysa dito sa mga bago na mga slim. Nu ba yan? Pati ba naman mga cartoon characters kailangan slim din? Si teen strawberry shortcake cute. Si Dora di ko masyado gusto. Dun pa din ako sa younger version. I dont want to say adios to her yet. He he

kg said...

gosh! dalaga na si dora! she's looking beautiful ha. pero mukhang di na akma sa mga kids. :)

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