Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something for the Bedroom

I have been a Play Station girl ever since Play Station was released in the market but since the HD Graphics and the return of Xbox Live Service I'm leaning towards Xbox 360. Although it's not the same as PS3 or Wii, it has quality games and its lower-end packages are much more affordable than Sony's.

The X-box Marketplace even allows for downloads of movies and games over the internet and you can also play CDs and DVDs with the Xbox. Why am I talking about this? I'm buying a new TV and a DVD player for our bedroom and I think peanutbutter will love that he can play games with the CD/DVD player I have my eyes on. We still have to talk about it,though and  look at the pros and cons of Xbox.

Good thing my favorite shopping site does not only provide everything and anything for sale on the web but I was suprised that it also provides product reviews too. This way you can think about the product you're going to buy and compare them with other brands as well.

If peanutbutter and I agree on the Xbox, I will have to look at some Xbox games and Xbox accessories too. Might as well start looking now..

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