Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sakae Sushi

Sis and I had dinner at Sakae Sushi the other night. We were actually there for the Ramen but seeing the Sushi conveyor belt made us think twice about ordering Ramen.

Ykaie didn't want to be in the high chair and was very fascinated with the Sushi conveyor belt. It's her first time to see different types of sushi in motion..heehee

The price of the sushi that goes around depends on the color of the plate.....

...or you can opt for the all day Sushi Buffet for P399($8.50)!!

Ykaie was very excited when she knew it's time to get her first sushi. She was very eager to get her hands on anything in the conveyor belt.

Since Kani Sushi is on a Green Plate, it costs P79 ($1.60). Those are condiments right there, wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger.

Tamago Sushi on a Purple plate (P39/ $0.83)

California Maki on a Yellow Plate (P59/$1.25)

It was after those plates of Sushi when we got a chance to order.

Beef Kaminabe (P249)
Kaminabe is Japanese paper hot pot. I've always wanted to try this ever since I saw this on a food channel. I think it's cool to eat soup on paper that doesn't burn easily even if it has flame underneath.

This is good for two persons and is composed of vermicelli, thinly-sliced beef, lettuce, leeks, carrots, tofu and shiitake mushroom.

Kiddie Set B (P149/$ 3.10) for Ykaie
This is composed of a stick of yakitori,Fried Crab Sticks, Fried Rice, Tamago, Iced Tea and a free toy.

Here's Ykaie enjoying her meal...

Shiitake Tempura (P229/ $.80)

Fried Tofu (P99/$2.10)
Our Sakae Sushi experience wasn't bad a t all. Ykaie had a very good time as well. We finished the meal with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Sakae Sushi
Ground Level
The Annex


Enchie said...

will try this for a change. Tagal na rin namin hindi nakakapunta ng SM North. Tama ba Sa SM North?

Clarissa said...

Sarap talaga kumain ng sushi!!Kaya lang parang hinde hapon tong asawa ko--di kasi nakain ng sushi,sashimi,natto at shabu-shabu!Napeke yata ako lol!!\(^0^)/

Bambie dear ★ said...

i didnt know na may ganyang style na pala sa atin. nauuso na nga talaga japanese food. Ma-try nga dyan pag uwi namin. Pretty naman ng lil girl mo. Paano pronunciation ng name nya? unique din kasi

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