Monday, August 2, 2010

Curly Top

My hair needs to undergo rebonding treatment again. I can see those natural wavy hair sprouting on top of my head. It doesn't look very nice if you have curly hairs on top and then have the rest really straight. It looks icky. No, not icky, it looks disgusting.

I was planning to have the treatment last month but my hair is behaving abnormally. There were lots of falling hair. I've already tried all those shampoos that the tv commercials says prevents hairfall to no avail. I guess I just have to just change my diet. I have to eat more nutritious food to prevent hairfall. Just in time for the South Beach Diet I'm planning this month {May the Lord deliver me from the temptation of sugar and carbs!}. SBD will help me eat more nutritious food and hopefully will stop these dang hair from falling!

Ykaie's hair is different. It's not just wavy--it's really curly!! It's cute how those curls frame her cute face but I guess when she gets a little grown-up she would want to have it straightened. I will have to enroll myself in one of those hair schools so I can do the treatment myself. Hah! I'm  being the crazy, over-protective mother.

I'm just kidding. Who does that?


SimpleMomRizza said...

hahaha! sabay tayo pa-rebond ;) ang aga mo namang problemahin at gawan ng solusyon ang hair ni Ykaie ha :)

rjs mama said...

manipis ang hair ko kaya pa-curl ang solution. falling hair problem ko din and yung sinasabi mo brand that prevents falling hair ay dandruff ang binibigay sa akin :)

cute nga ang curly hair ni ykaie :)

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