Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Stop Shop for Gift Card Printing, Online Printing and Plastic Card Printing

I was very busy last week preparing for a wedding and a birthday celebration. Most of my time were occupied gathering details and preparing gifts. My gifts were easy to choose, I just bought it in the shopping mall. What took my precious time so long was the Gift Card Printing because there were a lot of choices. We also looked for somebody who would do the Online Printing of the invites and the Plastic Card Printing of the souvenir items. Not to mention that I have a special role on my cousin's wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids. There was even a dress fitting the day before the wedding. I love the color and the fabric. Luckily, even if the dress didn't fit well, Sis made it possible to fit me. I was flattered, the dress identified with my body shape despite eating anything edible in the kitchen, lol. It was a long but productive and exciting week.

Today, I've noticed my computer's desktop, bookmarks and favorites looks like a hurricane passed by because of the different websites, notes, drafts and tasks I stored on it. Good thing was I came across a one stop site for all my printing needs in case I need it again. So its time for me to clean up all of this mess.

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David Miller said...

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