Friday, February 11, 2011

Buying an A/C for our room

Can you feel that? It's getting hotter everyday! I can see Summer peeking just around the corner. My plans on room renovation includes having an air conditioner installed. So it's re-painting, buying a small bed for ykaie and throwing out some small furnitures that have been dust gatherers for years.And Yes, we don't have air conditioner in our room before. We survived on air coolers and an electric fan. Anyways, I'm thinking of buying just a one horsepower unit. I'm sure it will be enough for our small room. We've been usuing Samsung and Carrier at the shop and at this point I'm liking Samsung over Carrier unit. So I'll probably buy Samsung for our room as well.

I'm thinking of having the a/c installed first before the repainting. Or is it the other way around? And while I'm at it why don't I throw in some Home flooring installation too? LOL! As if I have a budget for that. I've always wanted a parquet or carpeted floors. It is so elegant looking! Well, that would be set on the side for now until I could set aside a budget for it.

I could smell shopping time sometime soon...


Jiashi B. said...

i agree, nararamdaman ko na din yung summer ngayon D: last month nakakatulog pa ko ng nakapajamas pero ngayon hindi na.

good luck with your room renovation ate peachy! :D

catharine ruiz said...

grabe sa aga ng summer now,d tulad dati na malamig pa din sa gantong el nino ba this year?

Lisa Harris said...

It's great that you keep a to-do list! I also have a couple of cases this week, including refrigerator repair!

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