Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ykaie's 3rd Birthday -Tinkerbell Party

First it was a Safari Birthday Party, then for the 2nd birthday we had a Dora Garden Party. This year its her latest favorite-- a Tinkerbell Party!
 It's just a small party,though. A party for seven beautiful fairies named Shy, Thea, Chellie, Cyra, Cyvrine, Yanna and of course, Ykaie.
May extra fairies din..the white fairy and the black fairy....hahahaha
fairy shots!
the red fairy and feter fen..
the violet fairy..who doesn't want to wear her wings..
the orange and the blue fairy..
Ykaie and her cake..
eating time..
Secret lang natin to pero yung table na yan, parang dinaanan ng bagyo at ipo-ipo dahil wala naman talagang naupo dun sa mga small kids. Naglamira lang sila....hahahaha
Mark and Bff Dj -- parents of the violet fairy
..ang taray parang mag-boypren lang...
ykaie with lolo sony and lola lucy
The Game prizes
Coloring some Tinkerbell pages. Prettiest and neatest wins..
Tinkerbell Bingo
The kids got crazy about Bingo when we made it for Halloween, so we printed a Tinkebell-themed one. This time Kuya Noel and I joined the fun as representative of Cyra and Ykaie..haha.We won twice!
Stick the star on Tinkerbell's wand
Tinkerbell Piñata
The lootbags
Ykaie was already tired when it was time to open her gifts but she was excited.
She loved daddy's special gift.The doll she wanted for a really long time now-- Baby Alive! Thank you so much daddy!

an entry forPhotobucket. Happy start of the week!


rome said...

hahaha cutie cute cute! I love your ideas sissy! at talagang nadun ang piktyur ko. hahaha

J said...

Bonggang bongga naman si Black Fairy! At ang taray ng red lipstick ni Ykaie ha!

Dj Mariñas said...

whahaha! natawa naman ako sa black fairy! enjoy maglikot ang anak ko dito. thanks again for inviting us :-)

Smarla said...

ang cuuute! in full costume talaga!

Kayce said...

WOW! ang bongga naman ng birthday ni Ykaie! ang ganda ng mga costumes! so pretty ni Ykaie talaga as always... :)

anney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anney said...

ang landhi ng blak fairy...tinalbugan sa posing ang mga lil fairies!


Kate said...

what a great party! ang cute ng kids :) I'm sure they had a blast! Happy Birthday, Ykaie!!!

juicekodai said...

those kids are adorable.. i love the theme of the party too..

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