Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost Four Days at the Hospital

There are four mountains of workload waiting for me but I'm glad I'm home --we're home. After almost four days at the hospital, with an average of two hours of sleep each day -- I could say that my daily 5-6 hours of sleep is total luxury. Lying down on my bed would be, too, versus taking 10 minutes naps on the side of the hospital bed where ykiae is lying.
Sis and I took her to the hospital at 2am last Oct 27 because her fever won't go down or won't go away. Her temperature would drop to 37.5 but then after 20 minutes it would go up again and it goes up to 39.4. Imagine how scared I am. She was admitted and tested for Dengue which, thankfully, we failed.
I think Ykaie got more scared of needles and injections. Paranoid na sya na kada may taong lalapit sa amin ay iinjection-an sya. Pati janitor tinarayan.{"Tutusukin mo ba ko??!"}. And so, nung X-ray-in na sya. I told her that they will just take a picture of her chest.
I think that's why she smiled...LOL! Akala nya totoong picture-taking. Showbiz, may sakit na naka-smile pa....hahaha. Natawa tuloy ako, at kahit wala akong dalang camera...piniktyruran ko using my celfone.
Thankfully, she didn't have any fever after 2 days and we were finally discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon. She'll just continue medication at home and will go back at the hospital after a week for follow-up check-up.

Thank God she's on her way to recovery...four days with so little sleep was worth it.


Anonymous said...

kawawa naman, good thing she still is smiling, it eases both your tensions! Bawi nalng ulet sa weight!

- pauley

anney said...

pagaling ka baby kulit!

Beth said...

Hi Peach, so Dengue daw ba? Hay, if not, buti naman! I'm glad she's doing fine> :)

Gloria said...

Dear Peachskin Im so sorry she is sick, poor sweetie! I hope she will be better soon !! huggss, gloria

cafémobility said...

hope she'll have a speedy recovery.

Velva said...

She is beautiful. I know that you are so relieved that all is well with her. Enjoy some sleep.

SimpleMomRizza said...

Si Ykaie...ang kulit...talagang naka-smile sya dun sa x-ray :)

gingersweets said...

good to know that at least its not dengue..
cute ng baby mo.. puede sa going bulilit.. hihi

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